Corporate Profile

As of Jul 2018

Trade Name SYCATUS 【sikʌtʌs】 Corporation
Establishment Sep, 17th, 2009
President Makoto Shikata
2004 Agilent Technologies Photonic Solution Group established as an R&D Section of Agilent Germany.
2005 N4373A Lightwave Component Analyzer development
2006 N4917A Optical Receiver Stressed Test Solution development
2007 N4371A RIN Measurement System development
2009 SYCATUS Corporation establishment
Agilent Technologies Authorized Service Provider certification
2011 A0010A 40GHz RIN Measurement System release
Agilent Technologies Solutions Partner certification
2012 A0020A Laser Linewidth Measurement Systems release
Business in China start
A0010A and A0020A exhibition in CIOE2012
2013 A0040A Optical Noise Analyzer release
A0040A exhibition in FOE2013 and AMF2013
2014 Business in US start
Exibition at OFC2014 and OVC2014 (Wuhan, China)
2015 A0060A Optical Delay Measument System release
Exhibition at OFC2015
2016 OEM of N4917B Optical Receiver Stressed Test Solution
Exhibition at OFC2016
2017 Exhibition at OFC2017, ECOC2017
Location Takakuramachi, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0033 Japan
Phone&Fax +81-42-660-0881   +81-42-660-0882
E-mail inquiry@sycatus .com

Message from the president

President, Makoto Shikata

SYCATUS is a spin-out company from the R&D section of Agilent Technologies. Since a part of Agilent, SYCATUS has accumulated high level of technologies, abundant experiences and a lot of achievements.

Along with any customer's product phases of development, manufacturing and quality assurance, SYCATUS can provide high-quality systems as consecutive solutions of proposal, design, integration, test, operation and maintenance.

As one-stop solution provider, SYCATUS delivers optimum combination of hardware, software and service collectively with precise project managements.

SYCATUS evolves the most valuable solutions along with the globalized business of growing R&D and manufacturing in world wide.

Makoto Shikata