Laser Linewidth Meas. System

A0020A Laser Linewidth Measurement System is an easy and accurate measurement system for measuring the linewidth of the laser diode.
The evaluation of the linewidth of lasers is essential for development, manufacturing and quality control of lasers for optical communications.

Combined Keysight's signal analyzer and dedicated test set, you can measure the linewidth easily.


  1. Laser linewidth measurement down to 40kHz.
  2. Wide wavelength range of both C and L bands.
  3. Interferometer and optical receiver in one box.

System Specifications

Item Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Optical Wavelength nm 1520 1620
Minimum Measurable Linewidth kHz 40
Optical Input Power dBm -20 +7
Frequency Shift of Interferometer MHz 100

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