RIN Meas. System


A0010A RIN Measurement System realizes world's widest 40 GHz measurement bandwidth with high-sensitivity, low-noise 40 GHz optical receiver and Keysight high-performance X-series signal analyzer. SYCATUS developed unique calibration method, which achieves high accuracy and repeatability.


  1. RIN(Relative Intensity Noise) measurement with the world's widest 40 GHz bandwidth.
  2. Wide Wavelength Range of 800-1625nm with SM/MM selection.
  3. High Sensitivity <-160dB/Hz based on unique and accurate calibration.


What is RIN ?
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System Specifications

Item Model Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Optical Wavelength MM nm 780   1625
SM 1260   1625
Measurement Frequency 3GHz Hz 100k   3G
20GHz 10M   20G
26.5GHz 100M   26.5G
40GHz 500M   40G
Optical Input Power 3GHz SM mW     10
20GHz SM
20GHz MM     5
26.5GHz SM/MM
40GHz SM
Minimum Measurable RIN Value 3GHz SM dB/Hz   -160  
20GHz SM
20GHz MM   -157  
26.5GHz SM/MM
40GHz SM

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