OFC (Optical Fiber Communication Conference) is the world's largest academic conference on optical telecommunications held every March in the United States. We have exhibited at the exhibition held in conjunction with OFC again this year.

Scene of the exhibition

Details of SYCATUS' exhibit at OFC2024

At the OFC 2024 exhibition, we exhibited two optical noise measurement systems, which are our main products.

Exhibit 1: RIN (Relative Intensity Noise) Measurement System A0010A

The A0010A uses a high-sensitivity, low-noise optical receiver and Keysight's X series signal analyzer to achieve the world's largest measurement bandwidth of 50 GHz, covering a wide wavelength band of 780~1625 nm. The A0010A uses a proprietary calibration method to achieve high accuracy and reproducibility.

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Exhibit 2: Optical Noise Analyzer A0040A

The A0040A Optical Noise Analyzer is the industry's first solution to evaluate the linewidth of a laser as a power spectral density of optical frequency noise. It enables simple, fast, and accurate analysis of the white noise linewidth of lasers for digital coherent.

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Customer Testimonials at the Exhibition

We received a variety of questions from companies that visited the exhibition, such as:

“How low RIN can it be measured?”

“What bandwidth of optical frequency noise can be evaluated?”

“How long does it take for one measurement?”

The A0010A RIN measurement system can measure relative intensity noise down to -172 dB/Hz.

The A0040A Optical Noise Analyzer is capable of evaluating optical frequency noise in the 5 Hz to 255 MHz bandwidth.

Both the A0010A RIN measurement system and the A0040A Optical Noise Analyzer have attracted a great deal of interest from the customers for their ability to smoothly complete measurements in a few seconds to a few dozen seconds.

As for our future plans, we intend to offer optical noise measurement systems that cover a wider frequency and wavelength bandwidth. We will also be involved in the development of new measurement solutions.

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