A0070A Optical Frequency Analyzer

A0070A Optical Frequency Analyzer is a revolutionary system for the evaluation of lasers for FMCW LiDAR.

A0070A enables real-time observation of optical frequency modulation waveforms like an oscilloscope. By use of a unique method, only the optical frequency modulation component is extracted and is not affected by optical intensity modulation.

No adjustment is required prior to measurement, and waveforms are displayed immediately after laser input. High linearity ensures accurate measurement for wide optical frequency deviation.

A0070A accelerates the development and manufacturing of FMCW LiDAR.

  1. Time-domain waveform and frequency-domain spectrum of optical frequency modulation.
  2. Low trace noise without averaging.
  3. Integratable into A0040A Optical Noise Analyzer.
Optical Wavelength Rangenm1520 1620
Optical Frequency Modulation Repetition RatekHz370
Optical Frequency DeviationGHzp-p560 Repetition Rate: 10 kHz
 56Repetition Rate: 100 kHz
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